Cleaning Your Gutters Before They Clean Out Your Wallet

Cleaning your gutters doesn’t have to be a painful job, or one you outsource to an expensive contractor. It used to be a chore I ignored, but after realizing the costly damages that can occur, I’ve made sure to pencil in my biannual cleanings. If you’re looking for a quick method that you can do yourself without stealing your weekend, read on!

Why You Need to Clean Your Gutters

Would you like to spend thousands of dollars in repairs? I didn’t think so. Cleaning your gutters is a preventative measure. When neglected, here are some possible outcomes that have devastating effects, and can be easily avoided.
  1. Leaking basements – Most gutters drain towards the bottom exterior of a home. If they are not cleaned, excess water will collect around your basement and leak in. This is extremely hazardous, as it can lead to gas leaks, electrical problems and mold.
  1. Leaking Roofs – When your gutter cannot effectively maintain the water runoff from your roof, any spillage that does not properly drain will accumulate and cause damage. During winter months, the gutter will fill with ice and invite snow build-up on the roof that will eventually harm the shingles.
  1. Foundation cracks – More prone to occur during winter months, water buildup can result in wall cracks and cracks in your foundation itself.
  1. Rotted wood – If gutters are blocked and cannot properly drain, water will accumulate and seep into your home. Over time, your wood foundation will rot, compromising the structural integrity of your house.
  1. Infestations of animals and wood eating insects – bugs and other critters love moisture, and would be happy to set up camp in your wet gutters. Carpenter ants, earwigs, mosquitoes, roaches and other creepy crawlers will eventually invite their brothers, sisters, friends and extended family for an infestation party.

How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

Not very often! It’s best to clean them biannually, in late spring or early summer and late fall or early winter. gutter-cleaning

The Best Way to Clean Your Gutters

It’s not difficult. Just grab a pair of gloves, a hose and any Sun Joe leaf blower. Some of us (aka yours truly) are not fond of heights. Our gutter attachment eliminates the need for an unsteady ladder and lets you stand safely on the ground with an extended reach of 15 feet. Simply blow out any debris in the gutters and move slowly along the perimeter. Once you’ve cleared all obstructions, use your hose to spray down the gutter to fully clean out anything you missed, and as a trick to check for leaks. sbj606e-ga-2 Use your Sun Joe to clean up your yard, and you’re worry free for another few months!  
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