How To Host Your Own Oktoberfest

Transform your backyard into a biergarten!

Whether you’re celebrating traditions of your German heritage, or just want an excuse to get everyone together on the weekend, check out our tips for throwing an unforgettable outdoor Oktoberfest party.

Prepare the Party Space

No one likes tripping over branches and tall grasses. Groom your yard to perfection with Sun Joe lawn equipment before setting up tables, chairs and props. Use the below checklist to ensure you’ve covered it all:
  • Blow fallen leaves
  • Mow your lawn
  • Shape hedges and bushes
  • Clean up edges along rock walls and flower beds
  • Trim any lose or potentially hazardous tree limbs
  • Power wash your deck or patio
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Repurpose Household Items

Scour your attic, garage and kitchen for rustic on-theme items such as mason jars, large baskets, metal containers and anything else you think will add charm. When in doubt, visit your local thrift or dollar store to find tchotchke pieces at a discount. Using a drop cloth as a table covering can give a rustic feel, and kids will enjoy using it as a canvas for coloring too. gallery-1427751670-587

Create an Entrance

Even though the party is outdoors, you can still have décor that welcomes guests. We love the idea of utilizing a flower pot to hold up a homemade sign. For when the weather cools, hanging some hooks outdoors with blankets or a fire pit are also great ways to ensure your guests stay comfortable.

Set The Spread

Pretzels are a must and go perfectly with all types of beer. Order some soft pretzels from a local restaurant, or make your own! Jazz them up with specialty mustard dips, and create a cute table arrangement your guests will love. d1d535ae38b6511c4b7946d79d999d90 Sausage platters can easily be put together by purchasing authentic German meats, then cooking them to perfection on the grill. 93e2a4449a99d637b6d8170dda141ae9 German Potato salad, cucumber salad and red cabbage all make great sides to any hearty dish. And of course you can’t have a biergarten without beer! Pick up classic favorites and get a sampling of craft beers. You can create your own beer tasting table so guests can experience something new, and keep track of their favorites with tasting score cards. f89b0450e21e2cb92a296a599b52cc9c If you want to make this a yearly tradition, order personalized steins with the date of your party and remember the fun every time you break open a cold one. Speaking of cold, keep your brews icy by filling metal basins or even an old wagon with plenty of ice. gallery-1427817148-619

Fun & Games

Grab a bunch of mini pumpkins and you instantly have a fun activity! Split your guests into two or more teams and have a relay race that requires concentration and great balance! Continue the pumpkin theme and put a twist on classic games like bowling and cornhole.   Follow us on Pinterest (SnowJoeCo) and visit the 'Host Your Own Oktoberfest' board for more delicious recipes and decorating ideas.
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