How To Naturally Bug-Proof Your Home

Every fall, insects collect on the sunny sides of my house. As the heat of summer begins to diminish, these pesky bugs start searching for a more permanent shelter from the cold. If you’re like me, and you can’t stomach the sight of sharing your living space with creepy crawlers, then read on! The following tips & tricks can help prevent the sudden appearance of bugs without resorting to chemical warfare. I found one of these little (big) guys this morning as I stepped into the shower. Luckily, before I was able to exhibit any dramatic behavior (have you heard about the man who burned down his home trying to kill a spider?) my cat Angus, didn’t hesitate to gobble it up. If you’re a self-described inset magnet, take comfort in knowing that there are a few ways you can fight back that don’t involve covering yourself in a sticky spray, engaging in chemical pesticides, or calling an overpriced bug-whisperer. Clean Up Your Yard sbj605e_lifestyle-blow-1_6-8-2015-17-30-05Leaf litter and garden debris can both harbor insects. With the first leaves beginning to settle down on your lawn, take action and clean up any areas where they have accumulated. Our Sun Joe 3-in-1 Electric Blower Vacuum quickly blows your leaves and doubles as a vacuum and mulcher to re-purpose fall waste. Remember not to apply mulch near the foundation of your home, as this provides a perfect community for bugs who want to wait out winter. Also mow your lawn regularly, and keep it short near your house (we recommend grass blades stay 3 inches tall). Our Sun Joe 20 inch Electric Mower is better for your lawn and the environment with virtually zero maintenance. Prune Trees & Shrubs 100495_15_2When trees and shrubs come in contact with your home, they function as highways for insects on the move. Keep tree branches pruned so they don't rest on your roof, and prune shrubs away from windows and doors. The Sun Joe 8 inch Electric Pole Saw takes the danger and difficulty out of trimming your overgrown trees. Stand safely on solid ground while adjusting Sun Joe's telescoping pole to gain up to 15 feet of overhead reach!   Plant Insect Repelling Herbs Try strategically placing insect-repelling plants in your garden or on your patio. We’ve listed six easy-to-find herbs readily available at most nurseries. 5567238_orig
  1. Basil
  2. Lavender
  3. Lemongrass
  4. Lemon Thyme
  5. Mint
  6. Rosemary
  Essential oils in these plants cause most insects to instinctually avoid them. Spray Organic Repellantsj2-sgd32 Harness the power of Mother Nature’s all-natural, powerful and eco-friendly pest repellent to fight insects and repel unwanted yard and garden pests. Sun Joe's Super Garlic Defense Organic Mosquito + Pest Repellent is a chemical-free alternative to rid your yard and garden of common pests. Simply mix with 1:10 parts H2O (water), and apply. Best of all, it’s non-toxic and safe for use around children, pets and plants!  
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