How To Naturally Humidify Your Home

With the winter forecast predicting an exceptionally chilly season, we’ll all be cranking the heat to boiling temperatures. With this, I’m apathetically anticipating how unbearably dry, and uncomfortable to breathe it will become in my home. This year, I’ve decided to give our old humidifier the boot. Although it features new technology and delivers a comfortable living environment, it’s noisy, needs to be constantly turned on and off, and requires constant refilling. Snow Joe’s newest indoor innovation is a heavy-duty, dual chamber container, with adjustable metal hangers to fit most steam radiators. Simply fill with plain tap water. The water will evaporate as the radiator heats it. While it may seem antiquated, I’ll be able to achieve a desired level of humidity in any room with less fuss. rj209_02 Just like any other normal humidifier, a radiator humidifier helps to protect the furniture and wall paints from getting damaged due to dry air. Radiator humidifiers are inexpensive products (the Snow Joe is $11.99!) that are perfect for any home outfitted with steam radiators. especially if you're feeling nostalgic or you don't want to commit space to a separate small appliance. The added moisture will make you feel warmer, and allow you to turn down the steam to save even more money on energy costs. You can even add essential oils to the water to help combat the stuffiness of any room!  

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