Ideas For Decorating Your Porch With Fall Flair

The oncoming chilly weather doesn’t spell the end of your outdoor decorating. And with pumpkins, gourds and other autumn flora at their peak, it’s the perfect time to create an inviting porch. Even if you don’t have a large entryway, we’ve got ideas that maximize any sized space to celebrate the season with plenty of curb appeal. 4d9d7d088c35d7ade174c455371baba8 If you're looking to create a theme that doesn't solely scream Halloween,  you can evoke a harvest aspect, and still capitalize on pumpkins and other festive items. Plus, the decorations can stay through Thanksgiving without looking out of place. 62631c36c17aab4fd9857edaa83ef476 I love the coastal color palette of this Autumn display. It remains seasonal in spirit with a trendy play on pastels. This is perfect for those of us who don't want to be cliche or would like continuity in having outside decor match the current interior design of  our homes. It's even so much more fun to paint your own pumpkins and make updating your decor more crafty. Corn stalks are a great item to frame your entryway, as they create the illusion of a bigger space. Those with smaller porches will want to utilize stairs, railings or walkways for the main setting of decorations. Corn stalks will bring also symmetry to your design as well, and are quite resistant to unruly weather. Simple single phrase signs add an endearing touch to any theme. If you choose to make you own signs, you can design them to be double-sided, so when holidays change you just flip it over for a whole new feel. Re-purposing wagons, barrels, metal tubs and other items with a patina or rough varnish add a weathered touch that portray a well-loved home. This vintage-chic look works especially well for fall, as it not only contrasts with fallen leaves - making nature stand out - but emanates the idea of aging, as fall is a season which promises new growth. Follow us on Pinterest and view the complimenting board for more fall decor ideas.
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