iON24SB-XR Review

Revolutionary Rechargeable

This best-in-class cordless snow blower is powered by two 40 volt batteries for a combined output of 80 volts max. img_01651 This will ensure you have plenty of power and run time to conquer wintry messes without the hassle of gasoline engines and extension cords. Each battery is interchangeable with all Snow Joe + Sun Joe iON tools. img_01541 The iON24SB-XR comes in three options which allow those new to the Snow Joe cordless system to purchase a complete kit including charger with either a pair of 6 ah batteries (50 minutes of run time) or 5 ah batteries (40 minutes of run time). If you are already an iON customer, you can also purchase this unit as a bare tool.

Digital Dynamo

iON24SB-XR features a truly unique digital drive panel that puts the power of iON at your fingertips with 3 forward speeds and reverse. No gas or oil to mix, no pull cords to yank – push button control makes startup quick and easy, every time!  And, iON is fully self-propelled, which means NO PUSHING REQUIRED. img_01571  

Steel the Show

Equipped with a heavy-duty serrated steel auger and powerful impeller, the iON plows through up to 600 pounds of snow per minute, clearing a path 24 inches wide by 13 inches deep with each pass. img_01511 Plus, the scraper bar at the base of the unit lets you clear right to the ground without damaging your deck or pavement. img_01671

Straight Shooter

Featuring a 180 degree adjustable chute, the iON directs snow stream up to 32 feet away. img_01531

Veracious Visibility

And for nighttime use, it comes equipped with two integrated 0.3 W LED headlights that switch on to increase visibility. img_01551
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