Joe's Automotive Checklist For Winter

Just like that we’ve flipped the calendar to November. Autumn continues to fly by and before you know it, we’ll be into winter. Whether you’re looking forward to the colder temps and blankets of snow, or would rather hibernate until spring, the change is inevitable. While we may still be a few weeks away from the first snowfall, it’s never too early to be prepared for the risk of hazardous weather. Here’s Joe’s list of essential vehicle accessories for safe winter travel.

Multifunctional Snow Broom

A revolutionary 4-in-1 device, the Snow Joe illum-n-broom is a snow broom, ice scraper, flashlight, and emergency blinker all in one convenient and compact tool. 810829023742_6 Now you can safely sweep snow and scrape ice off your car day or night, without damaging its paint, trim, or glass. And illum-n-broom’s telescoping pole extends from 30 to 49 inches to easily access the snow piled on top of your car’s roof or trunk. 810829023742_5 Two powerful LED lights instantly brighten your task, and the built-in blinker doubles as an emergency flasher when you really need to be noticed. Plus, illum-n-broom stows neatly inside your car, so it’s always ready when you need it.

Ice Scraper

The Snow Joe Edge ice scraper features a brass blade, and is a must-have for winter survival. This handy winter tool features a durable 4.8-inch brass blade that effectively cuts through frost and ice on car windows and windshields in just one swipe. And, since brass is softer than glass, you’ll easily scrape through light or heavy frost or icy frozen mixes without leaving a scratch. sjeg01_lifestyle Inefficient plastic scrapers require multiple passes and still don’t get the job done. But, with the Snow Joe Edge, you’ll make quick work out of any ice that gets in your way. Its comfort grip handle makes it easy to use and it’s compact enough to fit neatly inside your glove compartment

Extra Traction

Get a grip with Snow Joe’s TrackAssist system, which provides a non-slip track for your car’s tire in ice, snow, mud and sand. 71pmangfpwl-_sl1000_ The two foot long track is made from durable PVC to handle cars and trucks. 100512_100_2 Simply wedge the TrackAssist between your tire and the slippery surface, then drive ahead.


Ice Melt

Snow Joe’s MELT is a unique formulation of calcium chloride crystals that are super-enhanced with extenders for long-lasting traction control. MELT is designed to quickly, safely and effectively tackle frozen snow, sleet and ice around your property during the winter season. You can see it in action here!

  • MELTS DOWN TO -25°F: MELT calcium chloride crystals effectively melt ice and snow on contact, even at temperatures as low as -25°F.
  • INSTANT HEAT: MELT calcium chloride crystals generate heat instantly upon contact with snow and ice, thereby accelerating the melting process.
  • LONG LASTING: Formulated to last up to 24 hours, MELT calcium chloride crystals go to work immediately upon contact with snow and ice and continue working all day long to ensure your surfaces are safer and ice-free.
  • NON-TRACKING: When used as directed, MELT calcium chloride crystals will not track from your shoes onto your home’s floors or carpets.


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