Kick-Off Your Outdoor Entertaining

As the 2016 NFL season continues, don’t let your yard be the last thing you prep when hosting festivities for the Big Game! Score more touchdowns with friends and family with our tips for making your home the place to be.  

Huddle Up

sjfp35-cs-stn_lifestyle-2_3-16-2016-14-36-28 A fire pit lends a communal feel and encourages guests to linger a little longer. Ideal outdoor centerpieces, they keep chill in check from the patio to the deck, and even poolside. Featuring a large steel fire bowl that is heat-resistant to 1,112°F, Sun Joe can accommodate hardwood logs. Plus, the included 24 inch screen hook does double duty as both a log tender and screen remover, all while maintaining a safe distance from the flames. Boasting a durable and visually appealing cast stone base, Sun Joe adds a sophisticated touch to any outdoor décor. Check out our stylish family of cast iron stone fire pits

Split Decision

lj10m_lifestyle-detail-1_3-14-2016-17-32-39 Make light work of the large logs piled around your yard with Sun Joe and easily split firewood – no gas, oil, or hassle required. Available in both 5-ton electric and 10-ton hydraulic, they’re built with the highest-quality steel for maximum durability and reliable performance. See how you can feed the fire and create your own fuel   

Pressure’s On!

spx3000_15o_3-14-2016-11-30-11 Give a nice clean appearance to your deck or patio that will ‘wow.' Packed with power, these portable dynamos deliver thousands of pounds of water pressure to demolish every square inch of dirt. Go from intense jet to gentle spray – blast through gunk, grease, and grime, and tackle your toughest cleaning chores with ease. Learn more about our best-selling SPX3000  

Mowing Patterns

ion16lm_lifestyle-2_3-14-2016-16-31-48 Get your green trimmed as neatly as the field with our electric, cordless, battery-powered, and manual lawn mowers. They get the job done with zero carbon emissions for cleaner air. Startup is instant, reliable, and effortless with virtually zero maintenance, season after season. Simply plug in your Joe and go for the touch down! Explore our top picks for lawn maintenance  

Trim Figure

hj22hte_lifestyle-1 Is your lawn looking a little out of shape? Do your hedges need a haircut? If you answered yes to any of these questions, count on Sun Joe to help put your yard back in tip-top condition with its innovative series of eco-friendly corded and cordless string trimmers and edgers, shears, and hedgers. From the smallest lot to the largest lawn, there’s a solution for every situation to keep any overgrown trees and shrubs out of your way for a clear view of the screen. Take a look at the best tools to whip your yard into tip-top shape
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