Save Cash on Compost and Mulch

Put fall leaves to work!

Piling Up

Leaves are rich in the elements your soil needs. When gathered at their peak and composted correctly, you can easily transfer this nutrition to your soil. You can check out part of this process here. The Sun Joe Heavy Duty Utility Cart is a great accessory if you’re looking to vacuum and save your leaves without walking distances to empty them. Simply transfer the contents of your bag into the cart and you’re ready to keep going.


Making Leaf Mulch

Our Sun Joe SBJ605E easily vacuums large volumes of leaves and converts to a mulcher to make light work of mundane yard chores. how-recycle-leaves-your-yard-3 Once your vacuum bag is full to the brim with shredded leaves, spread them directly under trees and around plants to protect soil and deliver insulation from the cold. Don’t be afraid to pile it on! The leaves will compress as the season goes on. leaf-mulch-01  


Making Leaf Mold

Making leaf mold is very similar to making compost. Simply blow your leaves into piles and use the Sun Joe Leaf Scoops to easily transfer them into a bin. c0dbc2a8-16b2-486c-8b49-2efe516a000e_1000 Turn the leaves every so often and keep them uniformly moist; you’ll have homemade product that’s ready to use in six to 12 months. Oak leaf mulch

Making Leaf Compost

The leaves of most trees contain twice as many minerals as manure.  Harvest their nutrient rich properties with the Sun Joe SDJ616 to chop and mix your leaves with other ingredients such as grass clippings, weeds and even kitchen waste like coffee grounds to increase the nitrogen content of your pile, and speed up decomposition by four times. Keep the heap moist and turn it every three weeks. By spring, you will have fine compost ready for planting use. 8591279_5824_sunjoe-shredderjoe-electric-leaf-mulcher-shredder  

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