Using Coyote Urine to Repel Pests Around Your Home + Garden

Looking for a humane, natural and organic method to keep pests out of your garden or away from your home? Well, urine good company! Territorial repellents work wonders for safely and effectively deterring skunks, rabbits, deer, chipmunks, squirrels, ground hogs, gophers, mice, rats, voles and other small animals of prey by triggering their innate fight or flight response when encountering predators. You don't have to worry about attracting other coyotes. In fact, the urine will do quite the opposite, since in the wild animals of prey spray small amounts of urine to mark territory borders and alert other predators, especially of the same species, to stay away. Coyote urine is almost always collected from meat-fed males. And it won’t affect any resident pets, since they instinctively know that your property is their domain.

How to Use

A 16 ounce bottle of Sun Joe coyote urine will last you all season! An ounce provides about 16 feet of coverage, and the scent will linger for up to 30 days without any significant rainfall. Simply apply directly to the ground or at the base of trees and shrubs. For the best possible results, Joe suggests passing through the area where you’ve used the urine every few days, as well as placing it in different areas to make unwanted animal guests think they are in an active predator zone. Using coyote urine in conjunction with garlic will fortify your defense system even more. Garlic is an excellent deterrent for rabbits, deer and other foraging animals which habitually nibble on plants. When sprayed on leaves and stems, the garlic is absorbed directly into the plant, ensuring protection from root to tip. Sun Joe’s super garlic defense does not affect the taste of fruits and vegetables to humans, and remains active in the plant even after the odor is gone to continue defending your garden from destructive insects and small animals. Both methods are non-lethal, eco-friendly and will cause no harm to animals that eat or inhale either substances.  
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