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When you need to be on the go in the snow, Snow Joe has the top automotive snow removal solutions to keep you safe when winter strikes. 

With the right winter weather auto snow removal tools and all-weather car kits from Snow Joe, you’re always ready to roll through the roughest terrain, even snowy or icy conditions. Snow Joe auto snow brooms with soft broom non scratch heads and illuminated winter brooms with flashlight and blinker functions swiftly and safely whisk the snow from the roof, hood and windshield of your car, truck, SUV, RV or other vehicle.

Snow Joe ice scrapers come with a solid brass blade and are the most durable ice scrapers. These car safe scrapers clear the frost from your windows and windshields without damaging your car’s paint, glass or trim.

For ice melt solutions, consider Snow Joe’s MELT line of calcium chloride snow and ice melt, which offers kid safe, pet safe, and eco friendly ice melt solutions that won’t damage your deck, concrete, sidewalks, or pavement like traditional rock salt will.

Plus, Snow Joe track assist provides the auto traction your car needs in the snow to plow out of icy and slippery conditions.  Snow Joe has the top automotive winter weather gear for cars, SUVs, RVs, and other road vehicles.

And for those quick cleanups in between, count on the power of a Sun Joe electric pressure washer to power wash and rinse away any dirt, grime or debris your car or truck may pick up trailing through slushy, icy and wintry roads. Compared to Karcher electric pressure washers, Ryobi pressure washers, and AR Blue Clean electric pressure washers, Sun Joe pressure washers outperform the competition with top-rated customer reviews and are the most affordable electric pressure washers.  Auto cleanup has never been easier with Sun Joe – You Name It. You Aim It. Grime Is Gone.®