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Designed for rugged outdoor adventures, Nisaku genuine Japanese field knives are forged from high-grade stainless steel with precise multipurpose cutting edges and ergonomic handles for firm gripping and comfort. Don’t face Mother Nature alone – prepare for your next fishing, hunting, boating or wilderness excursion with a faithful survival blade engineered to take serious punishment in any environment.

The go-to tool for expert gardeners, Nisaku hori hori knives, also referred to as soil or weeding knives, boast durable and versatile stainless steel blades for unparalleled performance during hard use landscape and gardening applications. Clearly distinguishable inch markings allow for precise planting depth, and dual sharpened edges easily divide plants, slice sod, scoop soil, dig out weeds, trim branches, saw through thick roots and transplant seedlings all with just one tool. No more lugging sets of pruners, trowels or weed extractors around the yard.