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Sun Joe’s complete line of electric pressure washers and pressure washer accessories make it easy to get your dirty work done.

For every dirty job out there, be it the dirty siding on your home’s exterior, the mold and mildew on your wooden patio deck, or the mud, grease and oil stuck to your car, truck or SUV, there’s a Sun Joe pressure washer ready to conquer the challenge. 

Sun Joe boasts the best electric pressure washers in the industry with top reviews garnered for all of the models in its power washer lineup including the Sun Joe spx1000, the Sun Joe spx 1500, the Sun Joe spx2000, the Sun Joe spx2500, the Sun Joe spx3000, and the Sun Joe spx3001. Plus, Sun Joe pressure joe pressure washers are some of the most affordable units out there, which means you do not have to wait for sales on pressure washers, a power washer sale, or buy cheap pressure washers online that may break down after a few uses, when you can make a one-time sound economical investment in a brand that backs each of its units with a full 2 year warranty-no questions asked! 

Packed with power and robust electric motors from 11.5 amps up to 14.5 amps, the Sun Joe spx series of pressure washers delivers thousands of pounds of water pressure (up to 2030 psi ratings!) to demolish every square inch of dirt. Go from intense jet to gentle spray – blast through gunk, grease, and grime, and tackle your toughest surface cleaning chores with ease.

And now with Sun Joe‘s complete line of pressure washer accessories (including the dual swivel brass connector to connect your pressure washer to your garden hose, the universal pressure washer to garden hose adaptor, the 25 foot extension pressure washer hose to extend your cleaning reach, a pressure washer brush attachment for surface, deck and patio cleaning, a rotary wash brush kit to spin and scrub away stubborn dirt and debris, a 315 degree pressure washer gutter cleaning attachment, a power scrubbing broom for pressure washers, a feather bristle utility brush, and a foamer cannon to apply a thick layer of detergent for additional cleaning power), you’ll be able to tackle any dirty project.

From porch to patio, siding, shutters, decks, boats, barbecues, lawn equipment, cars, trucks, RV's, SUV's – you name it, you aim it, grime is gone. Go where no garden hose has gone before with Joes' fully-equipped extension wands, so you can clean way up high or way down low. Some models, like the Sun Joe spx3001, even feature a pressure washer with hose reel for easy and tidy storage.  And every Sun Joe pressure washer features TSS (Total Stop System) technology, which automatically shuts off the pump when the trigger is not engaged to save energy and prolong pump life

Compared to Campbell pressure washers, Greeenworks pressure washers, Karcher pressure washers, Ivation pressure washers, Ryobi pressure washers, and AR blue clean pressure washers, Sun Joe pressure washers outshine all in power, performance and price.

So, GO WITH JOE and cut your big outdoor cleaning chores down to size with these affordable, yet powerful, power washing wonders and you’ll be stumped on how you ever got by without them.  Sun Joe Pressure Joe – Your dirty jobs just got done.