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CHOP YOUR CHORES IN HALF - Sun Joe wood chippers, leaf shredders and log splitters make outdoor chores easy.

Looking to buy the best electric chipper shredder, the best electric leaf shredder chipper, the best electric leaf shredder, or the best electric wood chipper shredder? Looking for cheap leaf shredder chippers, cheap leaf shredder mulchers, or cheap electric leaf shredders to effectively tackle the large piles of fall leaves in your yard without resorting to the time-consuming process of manually scooping up the leaves and bagging them into individual lawn leaf bags?

Need help choosing between a 5 ton electric log splitter and a 10 ton hydraulic log splitter? Looking for sales on chippers and shredders or some steep online deals for wood splitters? These are some of the many questions our customers have when seeking to buy an electric wood chipper, an electric leaf shredder or a log splitter for the first time. And, Sun Joe has all the answers.

Make light work of the large logs piled around your yard with Sun Joe’s top selling log splitters, and easily split firewood – no gas, oil, or hassle required. Available in both 5 ton electric and 10 ton hydraulic, Sun Joe wood splitters are built with the highest-quality steel for maximum durability and reliable performance.

Less logs, maybe more twigs? Sun Joe’s top rated electric wood chippers have powerful 14 amp and 15 amp motors that quickly shred twigs, small branches and other leafy debris into nutrient-rich mulch with a remarkable reduction ratio, up to 17 to 1! Or, if leaves are your main yard concern, consider investing in a high quality, top performing leaf mulcher like the Sun Joe SDJ616.  This electric leaf mulcher shredder quickly shreds and mulches leaves up to 1/16th their original size: that means that instead of having 16 unsightly lawn and leaf bags overcrowding your yard, you’ll only have 1! And that 1 mulched bag of leaves can even be repurposed as fertilizer to use around your garden and flowerbeds. How’s that for reducing, reusing and recycling?