Snow Joe Plus 12-Inch 7.5-Amp Electric Snow Thrower (Refurbished A)

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Product Description

The Snow Joe 322P-RM electric snow thrower is designed to easily remove snow from steps, decks, patios, and sidewalks. Unlike gas models, the Snow Joe 322P-RM is powered electrically, making it effortless to start and maintain. This model has been constructed using only the highest grade parts throughout each stage of its production.


Weighing only 12.5 pounds, the Snow Joe 322P-RM affords an ease of maneuverability unmatched by its competitors. Its powerful 7.5-amp motor throws snow up to 20 feet. Clearing paths 12-inch wide and 4-inch deep with each pass, the three-blade rotor effectively cuts through light snowfall.


Enhancing the unit’s performance is its ergonomic handle, precisely engineered with a back-saving curve to alleviate user strain and reduce fatigue. When it comes to tackling light snowfall, the Snow Joe 322P-RM electric snow thrower is the right winter tool you'll need to 'Get Equipped'.

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  • (Refurbished A – Like New)
  • This product is built to order and may take 5 days to ship
  • Best Use: Decks, steps and walkways
  • Clearing Width: 12 in.
  • Depth of Snow Cut: 4 in.
  • Maximum Throw Distance: 20 ft
  • Maximum Plowing Capacity: 300 lbs/min
  • Motor: 7.5 amp
  • Rotor: Paddle auger
  • Instant start
  • Key lock prevents unauthorized use
  • Ergonomic design and adjustable handle alleviate back strain
  • Weight: 12.5 lbs
  • ETL approved
  • 1-year limited warranty
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UPC # 185842000132    
UPC # 185842000132
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What is the purpose of the cord lock restraint hook?

Your unit comes with an on-board cord lock restraint hook that provides a secure method of connecting an extension cord to your unit. The major function of the cord lock is to prevent drag on the cord from disconnecting the extension cord from the unit. Please be advised that the use of any electric power equipment without utilizing the cord lock is not safe; this could allow the extension cord to loosen and detach enough to cause a short circuit, irreversibly damaging the unit, the extension cord, the breaker box, your person, or all of the above.

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