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KaliPAK 601 558-Watt Hour Portable Solar Generator Kit

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Product Description

Kalisaya's flagship product, the KaliPAK 601's energy to weight ratio is superior to any other portable power product on the market. With its dependable solar panel and lithium-ion battery, the 601 can charge an average iPhone 93 times while retaining Kalisaya’s signature portability. The Bluetooth transmitter and KaliAPP help you keep an eye on the energy consumption when you take on that next great adventure, just pick it up and go.

This product also comes with our Mini Powerkit—an AC/DC Wall Charger and Car-Lighter Adapter, Solar Panel 40W.

Compatible with all Kalisaya accessories. 

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  • 4X USB Ultra-Fast Charge ports for charging up to four devices, such as phones, cameras or laptops simultaneously
  • 2x 12VDC ports for lighting and other compatible electronic devices
  • Grade A, high capacity, long life, Lithium-Ion cells
  • Supports simultaneous charge/discharge capability
  • Remote system monitoring and control via iOS, Android, smartphone App
KaliPAK 601 558-Watt Hour Portable Solar Generator Kit Features
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UPC # 855474006160 Capacity 558Wh/38Ah
Certifications and Listings CE, FCC, RoHS Panel Type Monocrystalline
Power Output 12-Volt USB Power Source Sun, Wall, Car
Product Weight (lbs) 14 Rated Output 40W
Weather Rating IP65    
UPC # 855474006160
Capacity 558Wh/38Ah
Certifications and Listings CE, FCC, RoHS
Panel Type Monocrystalline
Power Output 12-Volt USB
Power Source Sun, Wall, Car
Product Weight (lbs) 14
Rated Output 40W
Weather Rating IP65
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What is the life expectancy of the KaliPAK battery?

Under normal usage, the KaliPAK battery should last for 1000-1500 cycles. This is three times the life span of the lead acid batteries commonly used in other solar power storage systems.

Are KaliPAK’s batteries safe?

Yes! The Lithium-Ion battery technology found in the KaliPAK is highly advanced and commonly used in mobile phones, laptops and tablets. Nevertheless, included is the most demanding safety protection standards, such as fire-safe, overload and circuit protection.

How long will it take to charge the KaliPAK from the sun?

The charge time depends on many factors including cloud coverage and geographical location. On average, the KaliPAK 401 takes 8-9 hours to charge from zero to 80% capacity.

What type of mobile computers work with the KaliPAK?

The KaliPAK is designed to safely charge every mobile computer on the planet. In some cases, you will need to obtain a separate tip adapter.

Can I connect my tablet or smartphone directly to KaliPAK’s solar panels?

No! For your safety, KaliPAK's solar panels are designed to work only with the KaliPAK. Connecting our solar panel directly to your phone or table can cause irreversible harm to the device.

What type of tablets and smartphones work with my KaliPAK?

If you can charge it from a USB port, it works. KaliPAKs are designed to safely charge every mobile device on the planet.

Can I replace the KaliPAK battery myself?

No. Battery replacement can only be done by a certified Kalisaya service professional.

Can I leave my KaliPAK connected to an electrical outlet so it will be fully charged when needed?

Absolutely! Though in order to keep KaliPAK’s battery healthy, we recommend that you fully discharge and totally recharge the battery once every 60 days.

How long can I run a KaliLED 10W Flood Light from a KaliPAK without charging?

The KaliLED is rated at 10 watts, meaning it consumes 10W of power every hour. The KaliPAK 401, when fully charged has about 385Wh. This equates to roughly 40 hours of strong LED light. The KaliPAK 601, by comparison, will provide you 50% more energy.

Do I have to download the KaliAPP from iTunes or Google Play in order to activate my KaliPAK?

Not at all! The KaliPAK does not require activation. Our free KaliAPP mobile application is a helpful addendum to your main device, allowing you to check energy status and other cool features.

Can I charge my KaliPAK while simultaneously charging a mobile device or powering a KaliLED Flood Light?

Yes! However, you may want to pay close attention to your energy balance, which can be viewed via the KaliAPP.

Can I charge the KaliPAK from any foreign wall outlet?

KaliPAKs come with an AC/DC Wall Charger that will allow you to charge your device anywhere in the world. In some cases, you may need a simple adapter such as the universal ones available at most airports.

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